Read what the media has said about us:

"Belt Publishing... promotes a kind of progressive Rust Belt pride without succumbing to cliché or hipster irony." 

– Jennifer Schuessler for the New York Times.

"[Belt Publishing] has made covering the rust belt for a rust-belt audience with rust-belt writers its unsung and noble task..."

– Daniel Kay Hertz for the Chicago Reader. 

"In the past ten months, the question 'What happened?' has been asked of the Rust Belt more than ever before. But it’s the same question Belt has been answering for the past four years. Has anyone had been listening?"

– Amanda Arnold for Lit Hub

"[Belt]...has served as a thoughtful foil to national-media characterizations of the region as either hopelessly dystopic or cheerfully rebounding, sticking instead to a knotty middle."

– Christopher Borrelli for the Chicago Tribune

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