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Car Bombs to Cookie Tables: The Youngstown Anthology 2nd edition


Jacqueline Marino tells stories from the Rust Belt, where she teaches her students at Kent State University to do the same. The anthology she edited, From Car Bombs to Cookie Tables: The Youngstown Anthology, is now in its second edition. She has also written a book about medical students and and essays and articles that have appeared in The Washington Post, Cleveland Magazine, and many other publications.. Her latest work from the city that captivated Bruce Springsteen focuses on efforts to restore the Mahoning River, which is being undam(n)ed to help the former industrial communities through which it flows, as well as the fish, the birds and the kayakers like her.

Why I Love Belt
Belt feels like an old friend. I was at its launch party, and I’ve gone to many of its events over the years — a party in a motorcycle garage, a salon on Zoom and many, many readings in bars. I’m always amazed by the talent Belt nurtures and the grateful audiences it taps with each new title.

Recommended Titles
A Detroit Anthology inspired me as I was editing the Youngstown book. Whenever I visit that city, I still imagine its writers showing me the way. How to Speak Midwestern and Cleveland in 50 Maps because I love books that expand my thinking about the things I rarely think about, like how I speak and the places I always visit in and around Cleveland.

Where to Find Me
@jacquiemarino on Twitter and Instagram

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