Submission Info

How to submit: send us a query!

We welcome queries from writers and agents. Your query should be a 3-5 paragraph email summarizing your book, explaining why you think it would be a good fit for Belt, and providing us information about your previous publications and relevant experience.

If we think the query has potential for us, we will reply and request a full proposal. (A good resource for how to write book proposals can be found here.) If you do not hear from us after a month, assume we are not interested.

What we are looking for:

Editors interested in adding to our City Anthology Series.

Cartographers interested in adding to our 50 Maps Series

Food writers and recipe developers for our Cookbook Series.

Novelists with a book in which place is a main character (as is Detroit in Boys Come First)

Cultural critics with sharp analyses and strong writing chops, such as Phil Christman, Daniel Kay Hertz, Amanda Kolson Hurley, and Elizabeth Catte

Memoirs, especially those with a focus on place, such as Be Not Afraid of My Body, Runaway, Love & Industry, and The Last Children of Mill Creek

We are also actively acquiring books about natural and environmental history, historical and natural field guides, politics, the regional roots of a musical genre, researched nonfiction on topical issues, books about place not covered in the above series, and queries that make us go "wow what a great idea, and what a good fit it would be for us." 

Please send all queries to, and only there. Do not include a proposal or any attachments. We read them all, we promise!