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Standpipe: Delivering Water in Flint


David Hardin is the author of the memoir Standpipe: Delivering Water in Flint, a 2022 Michigan Notable Book, and Dreaming Bob Wills (Silverbow Press), a collection of poetry. His work has been published in print and online literary journals including The Dunes Review, Michigan Quarterly Review online, The Madison Review, Carolina Quarterly and others. A retired educator, Dave works as a freelance editor for independent, small press publishers.

Why I Love Belt
I happened on Belt a few years ago, shopping around the manuscript of a memoir. I recall a light bulb switching on with the realization that a small, independent publisher existed to tell the story of the Rust Belt. I’m from Detroit. My memoir had something to say about Flint. It was my good fortune to attract the attention of the good people at Belt Publishing.

Recommended Titles
I am excited about Dreadful Sorry, by Jennifer Niesslein. I’m looking forward to reading What You Are Getting Wrong About Appalachia by Elizabeth Catte. I’ve enjoyed reading The Chicago Neighborhood Guidebook and Detroit In 50 Maps. My son, a Chicago resident, loved The Battle of Lincoln Park.

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