Samuel Love

The Gary Anthology

Samuel A. Love is an artist, community organizer, and educator.

How I Found Belt
Shortly after Belt Magazine started I came across their article about a musician from Gary, Indiana. It was one of the first articles about Gary from an independent publisher that wasn’t condescending (and was well received by many residents) and I immediately became a fan. Then I discovered the City Anthology series and knew someday we’d do a Gary Anthology.

Recommended titles:

In The Watershed by Ryan Schnurr
A valuable guide for learning to interpret your own landscape.

Radical Suburbs by Amanda Kolson Hurley
A page-turning blending of travel writing and suburban history.

Last Children of Mill Creek by Vivian Gibson
Vivian shows there’s few things more profound than the fine, intimate details of a place.

Where to Find Me
Twitter: @garyarea
IG: @samuelalove

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