The Belt Cookie Table Cookbook

By Bonnie Tawse

What's a cookie table? Funny you should ask! The cookie table is a tradition beloved by residents of Youngstown, Pittsburgh, and parts in between. It has its roots in a time when wedding cakes were far too dear for newly arrived immigrants to purchase. Instead, family and friends showed their love for a bride and groom by baking from scratch hundreds (sometimes thousands) of cookies and other small sweet treats to be shared at the reception. 

The Belt Cookie Table Cookbook collects forty-one cookie recipes from authentic Mahoning Valley cookie tables and cookie cooks: cookies from different cultures, cookies with different textures, spices, shapes, and backstories. Simple cookies, ridiculously indulgent cookies. Cookies that aren’t really cookies at all but are baked into the cookie category because they are delicious and someone’s great-grandmother brought the recipe with her when she came over from the Old Country.

The cookie table tradition carries with it the understanding that not only should you always eat as many cookies as you can at the party, but that you should take a bag or a box home with you as well as to share that love with your family and friends. With a foreword by Beth Kracklauer, food and drinks editor for the Wall Street Journal weekend edition and proud Pittsburgh cookie enthusiast, this book can let you join the community too. Buy it with Car Bombs to Cookie Tables: The Youngstown Anthology for the full experience!

Bonnie Tawse is a writer and home baker committed to exploring the connections between food, community, and culture. She has co-hosted a Nordic Dinner series, is a former Atlas Obscura Field Agent, and helped establish children’s organic gardens in parks all over Chicago. Her writing has appeared in TimeOut, Chicago Kids, Chicago Parent, and for institutions such as the Cultural Landscapes Foundation and the Lurie Garden. She holds an M.A. in Creative Writing from CU Boulder, and her fiction has been published in ChickLit 2, Asylum Arts Annual, and Sniper Logic. She lives in Chicago with her husband and two sons and recently spent one year visiting and celebrating 52 Bakeries in 52 Weeks.

"All of these [recipes] along with the poignant and heartwarming stories behind each recipe, are waiting for you in Bonnie Tawse’s The Belt Cookie Table Cookbook."—The Toledo Blade

June 30, 2020 | ISBN: 9781948742832 | COOKBOOK | PAPERBACK | 4.75 X 6.75 | 112 PAGES