Steven Volk


The Post-Pandemic Liberal Arts College: A Manifesto for Reinvention


Steve Volk is Professor of History Emeritus at Oberlin College where he taught for 31 years. He was the founding director of Oberlin's Center for Teaching Innovation and Excellence and is Co-Director of the Great Lakes Colleges Association Consortium for Teaching and Learning. In 2011 he was named U.S. Baccalaureate Colleges Professor of the Year by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. He lives in Oberlin, Ohio.

Recommended Titles
I'd go with John Warner's Sustainable. Resilient. Free.: The Future of Higher Education. I've always enjoyed his columns in Inside Higher Ed, and find his ideas as collected in this volume to be both insightful and inspirational. Kudos especially for the work on making public higher ed free.

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