Our Endless and Proper Work: Starting (and Sticking to) Your Writing Practice (Pre-order)

All sort of creative endeavors are accepted to have recreational value. Just think of how many people pick up the guitar without eyeing a career as a professional musician, or start painting without ever expecting to have a gallery show. Start writing, though, and, before too long, if you’re not asking yourself whether you’re going to try to get published, the people around you just might.

Why, though? Why is it considered reasonable to develop a technical proficiency at "Stairway to Heaven" or plein air watercolors just for the fun of expressing yourself creatively, while writing is so often expected to earn its keep? In this pithy and motivational book, Ron Hogan makes the case for writing as an end in itself, and offers concrete steps to help you incorporate regular writing into an ongoing creative practice. Writing won't just feed your own creativity, he notes, it is essential to help foster a healthy, diverse, resistant body politic. Now more than ever, Hogan writes, your voice matters.

Ron Hogan has been an industry analyst for a media website, a digital marketing director for a publishing house, a freelance book reviewer, and an acquiring editor for a startup book publisher. He is the founder of the literary site Beatrice, and creator of a popular newsletter about developing your writing practice, "Destroy Your Safe and Happy Lives."

JUNE 8, 2021