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Rust Belt Femme


Raechel Anne Jolie (she/they) is a writer and educator based in Cleveland, Ohio. She holds a PhD in Critical Media Studies, with a minor in Feminist & Critical Sexuality Studies from the University of Minnestoa. Her writing has appeared in The Baffler, Bitch, Teen Vogue, In These Times, among other publications. Rust Belt Femme is their first memoir and received recognition in NPR's Favorite Books of 2020, was a finalist in the Heartland Bookseller's Award, and was the winner of the Independent Publisher Book Award in LGBTQ Nonfiction.

How I Found Belt
I was living in Boston when I first discovered Belt and I was absolutely delighted to see a woman-founded, worker-owned press from my hometown. It was regional pride and feminist ethic catnip!

Recommended Titles
Midwest Futures: Phil Christman is one of my favorite thinkers and writers; this book is thoughtful, funny, and got my brain really excited.

The Last Children of Mill Creek: Vivian's charm, warmth, and wisdom in person is matched on the pages of this beautiful, important, tender story of family, race, and social geography.

Sweeter Voices Still: This collection is full of moving and nuanced accounts of queer life in our region. (And the editors are two of the kindest, most magical humans!)

Where to Find Me
Twitter: @reblgrrlraechel 

Substack: Radical Love Letters 

Website: https://www.raechelannejolie.com

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