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ISBN 9780985944162

The Cleveland Anthology

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Edited by Richey Piiparinen and Anne Trubek

An inside-out snapshot of Cleveland written by those who actually live and work there. An intimate reminder “that strength of character abounds in the Cleveland community.”—Freshwater Cleveland 

The past few years have been full of stories about Cleveland’s ongoing revitalization and renewal, mostly from people from outside the city. This collection of essays, photographs, and poems offers an insiders’ view, telling the story of the city as it actually exists on the ground. Citizens of Cleveland will connect to the experiences and locales detailed here. Readers from outside the area will gain invaluable insight into what it means to live in here, why the city is loved or hated, and why some people obsess over it.

The collection looks at popular Cleveland attractions like Harvey Pekar and the Cuyahoga River, but also looks at life on the Number 9 bus and the delis of Slavic Village. Through photographs, essays, and poetry, the collection questions the notion of “Rust Belt Chic” and the truth behind that statement. It includes contributions by: David C. Barnett, Sean Decatur, Mansfield Frazier, David Giffels, Alissa Nutting, Jim Roakakis, Connie Schultz, and many more.

A wide-ranging portrait of a city of contradictions, written by those who have lived the story.

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