Belt Publishing is a worker-owned, independent press founded in 2013 in Cleveland as a platform for new and influential voices. Our rapidly growing list includes original titles by some of the nation's best writers about often overlooked subjects of interest, with a particular focus on urbanism, history, and narratives that upend expectations about the Rust Belt, the Midwest, and its writers. 


Read what the media has said about us:

"Belt Publishing... promotes a kind of progressive Rust Belt pride without succumbing to cliché or hipster irony." - Jennifer Schuessler for the New York Times

"For the past five years, a small press called Belt Publishing has been bringing out intriguing nonfiction books about the Midwest; now they've started a new series called Belt Revivals to publish classic Midwestern fiction as well as nonfiction." - Maureen Corrigan for Fresh Air

"Five years after its launch as a regional press specializing in nonfiction books about the industrial Midwest, Belt Publishing is growing rapidly and gaining visibility in the marketplace." - Claire Kirch for Publishers Weekly

"Small presses across Appalachia and the Rust Belt consistently publish, to little fanfare, incredibly diverse work--books that are lush, gritty, surprising and so very true. Perhaps the best example, or certainly the best place to begin, is Catte’s What You Are Getting Wrong About Appalachia. This edgy, meticulous work of nonfiction from Cleveland’s Belt Publishing dispels many myths about the region." - Leah Hampton for the Los Angeles Times

"This year, the Cleveland-based press...looked to that region’s literary history for the Belt Revival series, a collection of new editions of Midwestern classics. Each book--there are currently five--is retrofitted with new introductions and arresting covers." - Lovia Gyarkye for the New York Times Books Briefing

"Belt anthologies offer readers an opportunity to find stories and perspectives from their place, in which they may recognize themselves." - Alastair Boone and Kriston Capps for CityLab

"In the past ten months, the question 'What happened?' has been asked of the Rust Belt more than ever before. But it’s the same question Belt has been answering for the past four years. Has anyone had been listening?" - Amanda Arnold for Lit Hub

"[Belt]...has served as a thoughtful foil to national-media characterizations of the region as either hopelessly dystopic or cheerfully rebounding, sticking instead to a knotty middle."- - Christopher Borrelli for the Chicago Tribune

Our Team


Anne Trubek, anne@beltmag.com

Senior Editors

Martha Bayne, martha@beltmag.com

Dan Crissman, dan@beltmag.com


Michael Jauchen

Creative Directors

Meredith Pangrace, meredith@beltmag.com 

David Wilson, david.manofwar@gmail.com  

Orders and Fulfillment Manager

William Rickman, bill@beltmag.com

Anne Trubek is the founder and publisher of Belt Publishing and Belt Magazine. She is the editor of Voices From The Rust Belt (Picador, 2018), the author of The History and Uncertain Future of Handwriting (Bloomsbury, 2016) and A Skeptic's Guide To Writers' Houses (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2010), and has written for The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, and numerous other publications. Prior to founding Belt she was Associate Professor of English at Oberlin College.

Martha Bayne is a senior editor and marketing director with Belt Publishing, and a freelance journalist based in Chicago. She is the editor of Rust Belt Chicago: An Anthology (Belt, 2017), Red State Blues (Belt, 2018), and the Chicago Neighborhood Guidebook (Belt, 2019), as well as the author of the narrative cookbook Soup & Bread Cookbook: Building Community One Pot at a Time (Agate, 2011). In Chicago, she also teaches in the journalism program at Columbia College and is a managing editor at South Side Weekly.

Dan Crissman joined Belt Publishing in 2017. Previously, he was an editor at W. W. Norton, Overlook Press, and Farrar, Straus and Giroux. He is the author of Brewing Everything: How to Make Your Own Beer, Cider, Mead, Sake, Kombucha, and Other Fermented Beverages(Norton, 2018) and editor of Cleveland in 50 Maps (Belt, 2019).

William Rickman, a Midwest-converted New Yorker, is the orders and fulfillment manager with Belt Publishing. He also coaches high school and adult competitive rowing in Cleveland. When not doing Belt or rowing things, he keeps busy with beekeeping, travel, biking, reading, and checking out live music.

Meredith Pangrace is one of Belt's creative directors, and has been Belt's designer since we launched in 2013. She combines fine art training with graphic design, and her portfolio is at mapcreates.com. She also plays accordion for Maura Rogers and the Bellows.

David Wilson is one of Belt's creative directors, and a designer and illustrator based out of Ohio who has worked for companies such as The Atlantic, The Boston Globe, New York Magazine, and Harvard in addition to Belt. When not creating work for clients he is busy making independent comics, zines and short films. His book Rust Belt Arcana, with Matt Stansberry, was published by Belt in Fall 2018. His book of comics, The Everyday, is out in 2020 from Parafine Press.


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