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Currents in the Electric City: A Scranton Anthology

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Edited by Brian Fanelli and Joe Kraus

July 16, 2024

In Currents in the Electric City, an installment of Belt’s City Anthologies series,  the story of Scranton gets told by the people who know it best.

Scranton, PA,  is more than just the setting for The Office. It's a living city, one with a rich industrial and labor history, that also has a small-town feel. Who is considered “from Scranton” is fiercely guarded even as the city sees immigration from around the world. Neighborhood talk can reveal your family secrets before you even know them yourself, as Barbara J. Taylor writes. Pieces in this anthology talk about desires to leave, ties that bind, and decisions to stay, as well as impressions from newcomers to the Northeastern Pennsylvania hub. As coeditor Joe Kraus notes in his foreword, Scranton was once a prominent stop on the vaudeville circuit—vaudeville translating literally into “the voice of the city.” The chorus of voices that fill the poems and essays in this anthology tell a complicated story of the Electric city that many have heard of, but few know.

ISBN: 9781953368775 | Paperback | 6 X 9

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