Midwest Architecture Journeys (pre-order)
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Midwest Architecture Journeys (pre-order)

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Edited by Zach Mortice, with an introduction by Alexandra Lange
October 15, 2019

Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright may be the Midwest’s (and the nation’s) most famous architects, but the region has always been a fertile ground for builders master and amateur. Midwest Architecture Journeys takes readers on a trip to visit some of the region's most inventive buildings by architects such as Bertrand Goldberg, Bruce Goff, and Lillian Leenhouts. It also includes stops at less obvious but equally daring and defining sites, such as indigenous mounds, grain silos, parking lots, flea markets, and abandoned warehouses. It passes through cities such as Chicago, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, Madison, Flint, St. Louis, Cleveland, Milwaukee, and Columbus, states as far east as New York and west as Kansas.   Through dozens of essays written by architects, critics, and journalists, Midwest Architecture Journeys argues that what might seem flat is actually monumental, and what we assume to be boring is brimming with experimentation.

Zach Mortice is a design journalist who focuses on architecture and landscape architecture. He’s written for Metropolis, CityLab, Architectural Record, Architect Magazine, Places Journal, Chicago Magazine, and is the web editor for Landscape Architecture Magazine. Zach lives in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago, and if you listen closely, you can hear the rumble of the red line el train in his interview tapes. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram @zachmortice.


Praise for Midwest Architecture Journeys

"Have you ever discovered a unique building or a special place and asked: why have I never heard of this before? This enthralling collection is a reminder to all of us that art and culture can be what happens when people get up day after day and simply get to work. Together, these essays expand our idea of what American architecture is, and send us out on the road with our eyes wide open." --Michael Bierut, partner, Pentagram Design and co-founder, Design Observer

"There's poetry in these descriptions of our flat, fertile places, and reading them is a meditative way to wallow in Midwesternness. These stories are both a fantastic guide for lazy weekend road trips, and invitations for much deeper study into the Midwest's singular architectural legacy." --Carol Ross Barney, founderRoss Barney Architects


Table of Contents

Section 1: Journeys

Out of Earth: The Cahokia Mounds and the Radix of Midwestern Monuments
By Jordan Hicks

Silos, Celebrated and Lonesome
By Lynn Freehill-Maye

Under the Big Dome: The Modernist Nightmare That Buried Little Harlem
By Dante A. Ciampaglia

The Geo-ornithology of Detroit
By Bryan Boyer

Flea Market Urbanism 
By Samantha Sanders

Section 2: People

Making Nature Present: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Magazine House in Iowa
By Daniel Naegele

Louis Sullivan in Central Ohio
By Milenko Budimir

The Flamboyant Futurism of Bruce Goff
By Allison C. Meier

Bertrand Goldberg’s Temple to Futures Past
By Zach Mortice

David Haid’s Archive By Joe Frank Lillian Leenhouts’s Milwaukee Eco-Socialism
By Monica Obniski

The Packard Presence in the Columbus, Ohio
By Amanda Page

Stories in the Stones: Earl Young’s Boulder Buildings
By Jonathan Rinck

Building a Quirky Science Lab in the Middle of an Illinois Cornfield: The architecture of Fermilab
By Matthew R. Francis

“The Projects”: Lost Public Housing Towers of the Midwest
By Michael R. Allen

Section 3: Places

Finding the Sacred in the Secrets of Christ Church Lutheran, Minneapolis
By Sophie Durbin

Estranged Twin Cities: Gary and Magnitorgorsk
By Eric Lawler

How the Purcell-Cutts House Defined Modernity, and Me
By Jennifer Komar Olivarez

Beneath the Cross in Bronzeville
By Mark Clemens

The Flat Lots of Flint: A Liminal State of Mind
By Bob Campbell

Please Return Again
By Monica Reida

Zion In Lawndale 
By Asher Kohn

Flex Cleveland 
By Erik Piepenburg

Section 4: Midwestern Vernacular

By Amy Elliott Bragg 

Iowa Rest Areas as Cultural Landscape: A Journey in Haiku
By Randy Brown

Groundscraper City: Touring the Subterranean Structures of Minneapolis-St. Paul, 1978-1983
By Andy Sturdevant

Form Follows Values: New Glarus Brewing Company’s Hilltop Brewery
By Bill Savage

From Spectacular to Vernacular
By David M. Trubek

Yesterday’s Tomorrow: The Curious Second Act of the Century of Progress Homes of Tomorrow
By Lindsay Fullerton

Ruin and Porn
By Ryan Scavnicky

An Abridged History of the Tallest Buildings in the Midwest
By Corey Smith



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