Zach Mortice

Midwest Architecture Journeys

Zach Mortice is a design journalist who focuses on architecture and landscape architecture. He’s written for Metropolis, CityLab, Architectural Record, Architect Magazine, Places Journal, Chicago Magazine, and is the web editor for Landscape Architecture Magazine. Zach lives in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago, and if you listen closely, you can hear the rumble of the red line el train in his interview tapes.

Recommended Titles
Midwest Futures is a meditation on place, culture, and political economy that tells a grim tale in a way that leaves the door open for entirely earned salvation.

Radical Suburbs finds hidden histories everywhere it looks and cannily uncovers the reasons for subterfuge.

The Battle of Lincoln Park reframes our understanding of gentrification and urban dynamism through boots-and-broken-glass-on-the-ground activism.

The Chicago Neighborhood Guidebook is the next best thing to living in each of the city's 77 neighborhoods.

Where to Find Me
On Twitter @zachmortice

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