David Wilson

Rust Belt Arcana: Tarot and Natural History in the Exurban Wilds
Folktales and Legends of the Middle West
Cleveland in 50 Maps

David Wilson assumes many roles—illustrator, designer, writer, and filmmaker. When he’s not working, you can find him skateboarding, exploring nature, or playing drums. He lives in Ohio with his wife and two daughters. He is the illustrator of Play Like a Girl, a graphic memoir coming out in September written by his wife.

Recommended Titles
Runaway by Erin Keane Erin weaves complex subjects, stories, and concepts into a beautiful tapestry of a book.

Rust Belt Femme by Raechel Anne Jolie. A memoir full of heart. A time machine. In some ways a reflection. In other ways a portal.

Sustainable. Resilient. Free. by John Warner. Reading this while being in grad school, preparing for a possible future in higher education, was very eye opening. An education in education.

Rust Belt Arcana by Matt Stansberry and David Wilson. I know my name's on it, but the writing is so damn good it's why I signed up to paint 78 pictures for it. Matt's writing is poetic, visceral, and thoughtful. I feel lucky to have been a part of this book.

Where to Find Me
Instagram @downpourdw

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