Stories of Ohio

By William Dean Howells

Part of Belt’s Revivals Series and with a new introduction by Belt Publishing founder, Anne Trubek. 

A novelist, critic, and playwright, William Dean Howells was friends with such luminaries as Mark Twain, Henry James, and Oliver Wendell Holmes. Though he’s best known for his East Coast novels like The Rise of Silas Lampham and A Hazard of New Fortunes, Howells never forgot his roots in Ohio. And in Stories of Ohio, he offers a series of short vignettes that chronicle the state’s history, including: 

  • the Native burial grounds of the Serpent Mound
  • the first European settlers on the frontier
  • Ohio’s role in the War of 1812
  • the Civil War generals and presidents the state birthed in the late nineteenth century.

Though this history primarily focuses on life in Ohio before the nineteenth century, it will help today’s reader see the state in a brand-new light.

This unsung classic of American literature helps shed light on both Ohio and the career of a writer known as the “Dean of American Letters.”

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