The St. Louis Anthology (pre-order)
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The St. Louis Anthology (pre-order)

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Edited by Ryan Schuessler

June 4, 2019

St. Louis is undoubtedly fragmented, physically so in that the city is dissected by rivers, highways, walls, and fences; but also in a more insidious way. It’s a city (like many) where race, class, religion, and zip code might as well be cards in a rigged poker game, where the winners’ prize is the ability to ignore that the losers have drastically shorter life expectancies. But it's also a city of warmth, love, and beauty—especially in its contrasts. The people sipping rakija and dancing kolo in bars along Gravois are as St. Louis as those doing double Dutch outside Pruitt-Igoe. Midnight Annie and Stan Musial both built their legacies in this same city. This anthology is a love letter to those moments and people—and all the others—that are so St. Louis. It's also an indictment of this fact: rare is the St. Louisan who can recognize them all. Rare is the St. Louisan who can see that the rage that burnt down the QuikTrip on West Florissant after Mike Brown was killed, and the optimism of the little girls dancing in its parking lot the next morning, are both so St. Louis.

The St. Louis Anthology dares to confront the city's nostalgia and its trauma, celebrating those who have faced both, living complex and nuanced lives in this city against a backdrop of its red brick, muddy rivers, and sticky summer nights when the symphony of cicadas and jazz is almost loud enough to drown out the gunshots.

Edited by Ryan Schuessler, featuring nearly 70 pieces penned by St. Louis writers, journalists, clergy, poets, and activists including Aisha Sultan, Galen Gritts, Vivian Gibson, Maja Sadikovic, Nartana Premachandra, Sophia Benoit, Robert Langellier, Samuel Autman, Umar Lee, and more.


Praise for The St. Louis Anthology:

"One of America's most infamous river cities comes roaring to life in this haunting, enigmatic, and musical literary anthology. ... Divided into three sections—Histories, Memories, and Realities—the anthology gives readers a dazzling portrait of a Midwestern city whose relationships among socio-economics, religion, civil rights, and class are consistently complex. ... A satisfying love letter to a charming city that has many faces and identities." -- Kirkus Reviews


Table of Contents

Introduction by Ryan Schuessler

Blue thunder, red thunder by Galen Gritts


HISTORIES—The People, Places, and Events That Define Us

Glimpses of History in an Old Stone Church by Ron Scott

Segregation in Heaven by Mark Loehrer

Decoding the Veiled Prophet by Devin O’Shea

Song of the Mississippi by Jane Ellen Ibur

Where Wild Plums Bloom by Alice Azure

Lombards and Sicilians: The Forgotten History of Italian Immigration to St. Louis by Nick Sacco

Merluzzo by Sophia Benoit

A Gift to St. Louis by Ed Shimamoto, Dave Shimamoto, Dick Shimamoto

After the Holocaust, St. Louis Was Home by Miriam Morris

When Departing by Maja Sadikovic

A Refugee Family’s Pursuit of Happiness in St. Louis by Veneta Rizvic

Dear Father by Ibro Suljic

Pilgrim on the Interstate by Nartana Premachandra

Finding Bethesda by Mark Loehrer

Inside the Rent Strike of 1969  by Caitlin Lee and Clark Randall

Post-Apocalypse Walking Tour  by Eileen G’Sell

Midnight Annie’s Final Performance  by Chris Andoe


MEMORIES—The Moments That Shaped Us

Sunup to Sundown by Vivian Gibson

Restorative Faith by Christopher Alex Chablé

Kenny by Joan Niesen

Playbill by John Hicks

Moon of the Disappearing Water by Deborah Jackson Taffa

Summer Night Rain—St. Louis by John Hicks

Consuming Fire by Samuel Autman

The accident by jason vasser-elong

The Jordanian Kids  by Layla Azmi Goushey

Thought Two by Maja Sadikovic

Refugee Money by Umar Lee

An ode to Imo’s by jason vasser-elong

The Last Cricket of the Season  by Eamonn Wall

The Tour by Lyndsey Ellis

Breaking the Wheel  by Lisa Ampleman

City by jason vasser-elong

A Kinloch Perspective by Steven Peebles

In the Event of a Zombie Apocalypse by Kelly Kiehl


REALITIES—What We Live With, What We Live For

The Black Iron Fences of St. Louis  by Asher Kohn

Poem to the mother of the white boy I killed by Christopher Alex Chablé

Inside Out  by Kierstan Carter

Delmar Loop Pantoum  by jason vasser-elong

Downtown St. Louis by Alice Azure

Sk8 Sanctuary by Kaitlyn Hough

Saturday Afternoon Train on Game Day by María Balogh

variations on a suburb by Megan Stringer

Secret Socialist Lover by Pamela Garvey

Jaywalking by Adam Steevens

Humans of St. Louis by Lindy Drew

Uncontrolled Eruptions by Alonzo Adams

2014  by Marie Chewe-Elliot

What the Bullet Knows by Vincent Casaregola

“You Have to Act Tough” by Normandy Students

To A____ G____ in the Third Row by Katelyn Delvaux

A Mother’s Cry!  by Deborah Grandison

Caravan Waltz  by Robin Wheeler

Ferguson Protest Art Paid Forward by Rebecca Rivas

St. Louis Pride by Rachel Brand

My Brain Tumor by Kirstee Pemberton

This is a Ramadan Story about How I Ended Up Crying in an IHOP  by Aisha Sultan

The Syrians Come to Hodiamont  by Robert Langellier

I wonder how many by Maja Sadikovic

St. Louis Co. Cuts Mental Health Funds by Matthew Freeman

Carpenter, Branch by Josh Burbridge

St. Louis, a Portrait from 2010 by Nartana Premachandra


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