An Alternative History of Pittsburgh (pre-order)

In this lyrical and idiosyncratic new history, acclaimed writer and Pittsburgh native Ed Simon explores a different side of the Steel City.

Ed Simon is an Editor-at-Large for The Marginalia Review of Books, a channel of The Los Angeles Review of Books, a contributing editor for the History News Network, and a staff writer at The Millions, which the New York Times has called the “indispensable literary site.” He is the author of several books, most recently  Furnace of this World; or, 36 Observations about Goodness. His essays have appeared in The Atlantic, The Paris Review Daily, The Washington Post, Newsweek, Poetry, McSweeney’s, Aeon, Jacobin, Salon, The New Republic and The New York Times among dozens of others.

MARCH 2, 2021 | ISBN: 9781948742924 | HISTORY | PAPERBACK | 5 X 7.25 | 176 PAGES