The Whole Shebang

New to the world of Belt Publishing and want to get caught up? Get the whole shebang. You will receive every book in Belt's current catalog at a reduced price:

55 Strong: Inside the West Virginia Teachers' StrikeThe Akron Anthology; The Artificial Man and Other Stories; The Battle of Lincoln Park; Car Bombs To Cookie Tables: The Youngstown Anthology; The Chicago Neighborhood Guidebook; The Cincinnati AnthologyThe Cleveland Anthology; The Cleveland Neighborhood Guidebook; The Damnation of Theron Ware; Democratizing Cleveland: The Rise and Fall of Community Organizing in Cleveland, Ohio 1975-1985; A Detroit Anthology; The Detroit Neighborhood GuidebookFolktales and Legends of the Middle West; Grand Rapids Grassroots: An AnthologyHappy Anyway: The Flint Anthology; The History of the Standard Oil Company; How To Live In Detroit Without Being A JackassHow To Speak Midwestern; In the Watershed: A Journey Down The Maumee RiverLife Sentences: Writings from Inside an American Prison; Main-Travelled Roads; The Marrow of Tradition; The Milwaukee Anthology; The New Midwest; The Pittsburgh AnthologyPoor WhiteRadical Suburbs: Experimental Living on the Fringes of the American City; Red State Blues: Stories From Midwestern Life On The Left; Right Here; Right Now: The Buffalo Anthology; Rust Belt Arcana; Rust Belt Chicago: An Anthology; This City Is Killing Me: Community Trauma and Toxic Stress in Urban America; The St. Louis Anthology; Stories of Ohio; What You Are Getting Wrong About Appalachia; The Whiskey Rebellion and the Rebirth of Rye: A Pittsburgh Story; Under Purple Skies: The Minneapolis Anthology