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ISBN 9780998904160

The Whiskey Rebellion and The Rebirth of Rye: A Pittsburgh Story

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By Mark Meyer and Meredith Meyer Grelli

“Goes down nice and smooth.”—The Pittsburgh Quarterly

A short and accessible history of rye whiskey's founding, floundering, and current flourishing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This book takes the reader on a wide-ranging tour that includes:

  • The Whiskey Rebellion and America’s earliest frontier distillers
  • Henry Clay Frick and Andrew Mellon
  • The role of Pittsburgh robber barons in developing the rye industry
  • The rebirth of craft distilling in the twentieth century.

Cowritten by Meredith Meyer Grelli, the owner of Wigle Whiskey, a craft distillery in Pittsburgh, it’s a history with an insider’s perspective. Includes an illustrated guide to making rye whiskey and a wonderful collection of cocktail recipes.

A book for history buffs and craft spirits enthusiasts alike.


Mark Meyer and Meredith Meyer Grelli are co-founders of Wigle Whiskey, a family owned and operated craft distillery based in Pittsburgh’s Strip District.

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