The Milwaukee Anthology (ebook)

Edited by Justin Kern
April 9, 2019

The Milwaukee Anthology is a book on hope and hurt in one of America's toughest ZIP codes. In these pages are the stories of a Grecian basketball superstar in the making against an unlikely backdrop; of Sikh temple services that carry on after one of America's most notorious mass shootings; of an astronaut's wish for kids in the same school halls where he formed a dream of space. You won't find Summerfest or Laverne and Shirley herein, but you will find Riverwest, Sherman Park, and the South Side; Hmong New Year's shows, 7 Mile Fair, and the Rolling Mill commemoration. Edited by Justin Kern, with personal essays, narratives, poems, Q&As, and art from more than 50 contributors including Dasha Kelly, Pardeep Kaleka, and Michael Perry, it's a book about a place on the lake that can make you say "yes" and wonder "why" in the same thought.

Praise for The Milwaukee Anthology

"The Milwaukee Anthology joins a long list of city anthologies released by feisty Belt Publishing.... [A] mosaic of a book." -- Jim Higgins, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

"The Milwaukee Anthology shines brightest when contemplating Milwaukee’s borderlands, energetic communities that defy the city’s stolid reputation. ... The Milwaukee revealed in this anthology is a complex, vibrant place, a counterpoint to the stale typecasting in too much of our state’s public discourse." -- Alexander Shashko, Wisconsin People & Ideas


Justin Kern is a nonprofit communications person and nonfiction writer who lives in Milwaukee with his wife and cats. His words have been published in three Belt anthologies as well as Utne Reader, Great Lakes Review, Buffalo Spree, Forth, Milwaukee Record, Longshot Island and daily newspapers in Wisconsin and western New York. He's a proud uncle, lifelong amateur musician, and decent horseshoe pitcher.