The Louisville Anthology (ebook)

Edited by Erin Keane

What is Louisville’s identity in the twenty-first century? Is it the Southernmost Midwestern city, the Midwestiest Southern town, or somewhere in between? Living on the border of two regions creates a hybrid sensibility full of contradictions that can be difficult to articulate beyond “from Louisville, not Kentucky.” In this collection of evocative essays and poems by natives and transplants, The Louisville Anthology offers locals and visitors a closer look at compelling private and public spaces in an attempt to articulate what defines Louisville beyond—but also inclusive of—its most recognized cultural exports.

Erin Keane has lived in Louisville, where she currently teaches in Spalding University's School of Creative and Professional Writing and works as editor in chief at, for more than twenty years. The author of three collections of poems, Keane has also served as an arts reporter and critic for the Courier Journal, Louisville's daily newspaper, and WFPL, Louisville's NPR News Station.

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