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Rust Belt Arcana Tarot Deck

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By popular demand, we are restocking these decks! Pre-order now and decks will ship in July. 

"The Rust Belt Arcana tarot is incredible. I wholeheartedly recommend it for tarot enthusiasts, naturalists, and witches alike."—Allison Sasso, Veil and Vow Tarot

Our popular Rust Belt Arcana tarot deck is back in stock! The tarot deck contains 78 watercolor prints by David Wilson (co-author and illustrator of Matt Stansberry's Rust Belt Arcana: Tarot and Natural History in the Exurban Wild). Cards are standard tarot size (2.75" x 4.75" / 300gs). We are confident this is the first ever Rust Belt themed tarot deck, and pretty sure it is the prettiest one as well. Now with a new printed box! 

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