Six Sandwiches: A Rust Belt Culinary Tour (pre-order coming soon)
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Six Sandwiches: A Rust Belt Culinary Tour (pre-order coming soon)

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Six Sandwiches: A Rust Belt Culinary Tour
by Beth Kracklauer

Funny phrase, Rust Belt terroir. What does it conjure for you? A subtle note of iron oxide? A certain sauerkraut tang? 

Terroir has been defined as a combination of environmental and cultural factors in a particular location that affect the flavor of wine or food produced there; from the French goût du terroir, often translated as “the taste of place.”  Applied to the American Rust Belt, it reads like a punchline. Why is that? Beth Kracklauer will consider that in her road trip across the region, where she will visit with home cooks, farmers, chefs, restaurateurs, food producers, and diners.  

If the phrase “Rust Belt Terroir” makes us giggle a little, so be it. We giggle when we’re uncertain, and this book of essays will consider the foods produced and cooked and eaten in an uncertain region, a little hungover after a wild couple of centuries, redefining itself in the 21st

Beth Kracklauer is the Food and Drinks editor of the Wall Street Journal Off Duty section. She lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she was raised. 

This book will be published in Fall 2019

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