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Rust Belt Arcana Bundle

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Our popular Rust Belt Arcana tarot deck is back!  Get the full set of David Wilson's gorgeous major and minor arcana cards, plus a copy of Matt Stansberry's Rust Belt Arcana: Tarot and Natural History in the Exurban Wilds, featuring Wilson's illustrations.

 Praise for Rust Belt Arcana & the Rust Belt Arcana deck: 

"This fascinating, unique, gorgeous deck examines the meaning of the tarot through the lens of natural history. . . . Each card is both beautiful and intriguing. Even if you don’t buy the deck, buy the book and savor each page. If you’re a tarot reader it will strengthen your practice, and even if you’re not, you’ll learn so much about the landscape we overlook, our place in it, and our responsibility toward it. Worth it." —Allison Sasso, Veil and Vow Tarot

"Mr. Wilson’s artwork – paired with Mr. Stansberry’s reflections upon the subjects – bring the archetypes and their interpretations to life in ways that resonate deeply with me, as I suspect they also will to many who find inspiration, motivation, and both intellectual as well as spiritual insight in nature. . . . Of all the books I have read on the subject of natural history, and particularly of those I’ve read touching upon deep ecology and nature-base spirituality, as well as works on the history and practice of tarot itself, I have never been so previously fortunate as to read such a perspective-enlarging, mind-expanding work as Rust Belt Arcana." —Johannes E. Riutta, The Well-read Naturalist

"Rust Belt Arcana is one of the most amazing Tarot books I've ever read, unlike anything else, and instantly important. It brings together the wide-ranging knowledge and commitment to the living world of a true naturalist, the sense of history and working-class culture of a son of Ohio, and the awareness of myth and magic in our daily lives that comes from a true immersion in Tarot." —Rachel Pollack


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