The Pittsburgh Neighborhood Guidebook

Edited by Ben Gwin

The fourth in Belt's series of idiosyncratic city guides.

Pittsburgh is made up of more than ninety different neighborhoods, and while The Pittsburgh Neighborhood Guidebook doesn’t have room for all of them, it does its best, exploring the contrasts that exist between and within neighborhoods and how they play out in personal narratives. In these pages you’ll find essays about old Lawrenceville, nonfiction set in the Mon Valley, Wilkinsburg, and East Pittsburgh, and work by lifetime residents, transplants and transients.

The newest installment in Belt’s Neighborhood Guidebook Series, The Pittsburgh Neighborhood Guidebook is a book for anyone who thinks they know Pittsburgh, or just wishes they did.

Ben Gwin is the author of the novel Clean Time: The True Story of Ronald Reagan Middleton (Burrow Press). His writing has appeared in Belt Magazine, The Normal School, Gulf Stream, and elsewhere, and is anthologized in The Pittsburgh Anthology (Belt Publishing) and Voices of the Rust Belt (Picador). Ben grew up in Titusville, New Jersey. He lives in Pittsburgh with his daughter, and is currently working on a nonfiction book about parenting and the opioid crisis.

APRIL 6, 2021 | ISBN: 9781948742719 | REGIONAL INTEREST | PAPERBACK | 6 X 9 | 224 PAGES


Table of Contents


“Swisshelm Park” by Cameron Barnett
“Solemn Pittsburgh Aubade” by Cameron Barnett
“Paper House” by Corine Duval
“Fanny at the Bingo” by Lori Jakiela
“Wilmerding Pennsylvania Thinking of Fred Voss” by Dave Newman
“Frick Park” by Dave Newman
“Oakland” by Dave Newman
“79” by Brian Broome
“Poem for Greenfield” by Kelly Lorraine Andrews
“Bitter Melody” by Cedric Rudolph
“The Woman in Starbucks” by Cedric Rudolph
“Angel’s Weekend” by Cedric Rudolph
“Big Dirty’s Pickup Truck” by Matthew Wallenstein


“The Bride of Penn Ave.” by Alona Williams
“Lawrenceville’s Do-Dah Days Are Over” by Jason Vrabel
“Sweat, Nails, My Father’s Ladder” by Mike Good
“Steel and Glass in Margaritaville” by Mike Good
“The Hour of the Cockerel” by Mike Good
“Lawrenceville 1996” by Lisa L. Kirchner
“Locks of Love” by Jim Daniels
“August Pause” by Jim Daniels
“Hawk, Panther Hollow” by Jim Daniels
“Squirrel Hill” by Ed Simon
“The Jewish Woman in America” by Rachel Mennies
“Echo and Narcissus” by Rachel Mennies
“November 18, 2016” by Rachel Mennies


“Downtown” by Rich Gegick
“Can a Sports-Crazed City Turn a Theater Person into a Baseball Person?” By Shannon Reed
“Exile Poems” by Tuhin Das
“They Just Used Them to Go Everywhere” by Sherrie Flick
“The Bars of Dormont” by Vince Guerrieri
“Miracle in Beltzhoover” by Brittany Hailer
“The Squonk of Beltzhoover” by Almah LaVon Rice
“Crafton-Ingram” by Lisa Pickett
“Thorn Street” by Shannon Sankey
“On Steps” by Shannon Sankey
“The Suburbs Are Stunned” by Bowie Rowan