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Phil Christman Bundle

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Get two books by Phil Christman—"one of the most underappreciated writers of [his] generation" (Scott Beauchamp, The Washington Examiner)—in this bundle. 

Midwest Futures is an award-winning book of essays on midwestern identity and the future of the region.

"To write about the Midwest is to risk joining a succession of truisms that tread and retread the same ground. In Midwest Futures, Christman sidesteps this fate. Rather than try to pin the region to a single argument or narrative, he makes a mosaic out of its multiplicity." —Megan Marz, The Washington Post

How to Be Normal, Phil Christman's second book of essays, treats seemingly "normal" topics with wit, style, and radical openness. Publishers Weekly calls it "a probing and provocative collection."





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