The Cleveland Anthology (ebook)

Edited by Richey Piiparinen and Anne Trubek

Written by residents of Cleveland, this collection of essays and art speaks to the city from an insiders' view and presents a distinct sense of place. The book was prompted by hearing the echoes for a revitalization of Cleveland and aims to find the future through the history of the city. Citizens of Cleveland will connect to the stories, and readers that are not from the area will enjoy the insight into what it means to live there, why the city is loved or hated, and why some obsess over the city. The works are compiled into eight parts: "Concept," "Snapshot," "History," "Growing Up," "Conflict," "Music," "Culture," and "Back Home" and include contributions by: David C. Barnett, Sean Decatur, Mansfield Frazier, David Giffels, Alissa Nutting, Jim Roakakis, Connie Schultz, and many more.

Praise for The Cleveland Anthology