Columbus Anthology (pre-order coming soon)
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Columbus Anthology (pre-order coming soon)

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Edited by Amanda Page

Not yet available for preorder. Coming 2020, in partnership with The Ohio State University Press

Although Columbus is the capital city of the state of Ohio, it does not live in the national imagination the way older Ohio cities, such as Cincinnati and Cleveland, do. They have secured a distinct cultural presence for themselves, while Columbus is still becoming — and rapidly. In the last twenty years, Columbus has grown in population by two million people.

The Columbus Anthology will attempt to capture what Columbus is becoming, and to define a distinct cultural presence for Columbus and its citizens. Through the voices of local artists, activists, writers, musicians, and other enthusiastic residents who want to contribute, “The Columbus Anthology” presents a collective wisdom through its collected work.


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Amanda Page is an essayist and educator in Columbus, Ohio. Originally from the southern tip of the state, Amanda focuses on the relationship between who we are and where we’re from. Her work has been featured in Assay Journal, Eat This Poem, The College Investor, Columbus Underground, Modern Dog and Animal Wellness. She is on the advisory board for Wild Goose Creative, where she oversees the Flyover Library and subsequent events. She is an Assistant Professor of writing and humanities at Mount Carmel College of Nursing. Learn more about her work at and/or follow her @amandadashpage on Twitter and Instagram.

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