Belt 2020 Notches Bundle

"Notches" is what we call these novella-length titles from individual writers—small books whose snackable size belies their literary punch. This bundle collects six Notches titles from 2020 into one tidy package. Includes memoirs from Vivian Gibson (The Last Children of Mill Creek), Raechel Anne Jolie (Rust Belt Femme), and Lee Weiner (Conspiracy to Riot: The Life and Times of One of the Chicago 7), plus Phil Christman's expansive, mind-bending meditation on Midwestern identity (Midwest Futures), Anne Trubek's pithy insider's guide to the business of publishing (So You Want to Publish a Book?), and Jennifer Howard's incisive inquiry into the nature of clutter, the perfect book for anyone trying to figure out how they wound up with so much stuff (Clutter: An Untidy History).

Six little books full of big ideas; one low price.