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Belt Book Club 2020

Want to receive every title we publish as soon as we get it from the printer? Of course you do! Monthly shipments will also from time to time include extras (a T-shirt, a pin, etc.). Plus, when you subscribe, we will send an introductory box filled with 2019 bestsellers and swag.* 

Book Club members help support our small press -- and a membership makes a great gift! Just shoot us a note after you sign up and we will handle all the details.

2020 is gearing up to be an exciting year for us; here's what to expect in the mail.**

2020 Catalog 

El Dorado Freddy’sby Danny Caine and Tara Wray 
Rust Belt Femmeby Raechel Anne Jolie 
Midwest Futuresby Phil Christman
The Last Children of Mill Creek, by Vivian Gibson 
The Columbus Anthology, edited by Amanda Page 
So You Want To Publish A Book?by Anne Trubek 
The Youngstown Anthology 2nd editionedited by Jacqueline Marino 
The Pittsburgh Neighborhood Guidebook, edited by Ben Gwin 
Pure America, by Elizabeth Catte 
A Life on the Left: A Memoir by a Member of the Chicago Seven, by Lee Weiner
The Louisville Anthology, edited by Erin Keane 
The Black Midwest Anthology, edited by Terrion Williamson
A History of Clutter, by Jen Howard 
The Kansas City Anthology, edited by David Hudnall 

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* $20 payments will be deducted once per month. Subscription will automatically cease after 12 payments but will be valid for the entire 2020 year regardless of when the subscription begins. Some months we will not publish any books; others we will publish more than one.

** Titles subject to change