A Detroit Anthology (ebook)

Edited by Anna Clark

"A Detroit Anthology ... offers from-the-heart and on-the-ground views of life in America's Motor City." The Boston Globe 

A unique perspective of the Motor City, this anthology combines stories told by both longtime residents and newcomers from activists to teachers to artists to students.

While Detroit has always been rich in stories, too often those stories are told back to the city by outsiders looking in, believing they can explain Detroit back to itself. As editor, Anna Clark writes in the introduction, "These are the stories we tell each other over late nights at the pub and long afternoons on the porch. We share them in coffee shops, at church social hours, in living rooms, and while waiting for the bus. These are stories full of nodding asides and knowing laughs. These are stories addressed to the rhetorical "you"―with the ratcheted up language that comes with it―and these are stories that took real legwork to investigate . . . You will not find 'positive' stories about Detroit in this collection, or 'negative' ones. But you will find true stories."

Featuring essays, photographs, art, and poetry by Grace Lee Boggs, John Carlisle, Desiree Cooper, Dream Hampton, Steve Hughes, Jamaal May, Tracie McMillan, Marsha Music, Shaka Senghor, Thomas J. Sugrue, and many others.

Anna Clark is the author of The Poisoned City: Flint's Water and an American Urban Tragedy. Hewriting has appeared in The New York TimesThe New RepublicThe American ProspectGrantland, NBCNews.com, the Columbia Journalism Review.

More praise for A Detroit Anthology

“While many books have been written on and about Detroit by writers who have visited, this anthology of prose, poetry, and essays is written by the metro area’s residents themselves … it’s the wide ethnic array of voices that truly shows the facets of Detroit life.” ―Ebony Magazine

"What these writers share, despite their differences of age, race, gender, and temperament, is the understanding that one has to know Detroit's history before even beginning to imagine how the city might move forward. Rather than trying to explain Detroit, editor Anna Clark says she set out to capture 'the candid conversations Detroiters have with other Detroiters.' She has succeeded spectacularly." The Daily Beast

"There is no cheap nostalgia or breathless boosterism. ... the book is a thrilling success. It gives voice to people who now live or once lived in this fascinating, tortured place, the survivors, good people who know what pain is, people who understand that the city exerts an undying pull on them." The Millions

"While the anthology doesn't seek to be complete, I find it thorough. There are essays about sports and food and music, poems about school and fear and language. We get the perspectives of Christian, Muslim, and Jewish Detroiters, Greek and black and biracial, hardworking and unemployed and activist Detroiters, LGBT and blind and young and old, those who have left, those who have stayed, those who have returned. We get anger and love, frustration and celebration. ... (a) wild and wonderful anthology." ―Waxwing Literary Review

MAY 12, 2014 | ISBN: 978-0985944148 | ESSAYS | PAPERBACK | 6 x 9 | 240 PAGES