So You Want to Publish a Book Typos

Hello amateur proofreaders!

Think you found all the typos hidden in Anne Trubek's new guide So You Want to Publish a Book? Check out the answers below:
  • Page 40, second line from bottom: For proper grammar, which should be that.
  • Page 43, last line of list item 1: The single quotation mark at the end of the sentence is reversed.
  • Page 57, paragraph 4, line 8: The period after profit should go outside of the parenthesis.
  • Page 77: The page number at the bottom is incorrect (76, not 77).
  • Page 93, paragraph 2, line 4: There is an extra the before the word all.
  • Page 105: The chapter title is misspelled (Middlelmen) in the running head.
  • Page 112, third line from the bottom: Dire financial straights should be dire financial straits.