Recipe Form

The Rust Belt Vegan Kitchen is a collection of recipes from professional and home chefs living and working in the Rust Belt. We admire the work you are doing in creating menu items that reflect our region, staying true to your roots while accommodating your vegan audience, and we'd love for you to contribute a recipe. 

We’re looking for vegan recipes that speak to you, your heritage, and your city—a recipe you serve at your restaurant, or one you make for your friends on your day off. We’d like the recipes to be accessible to folks cooking at home, and to those new to plant-based eating. We will be featuring dishes from the entire Rust Belt region. Each recipe will also include a short bio of the featured chefs, information about the recipe's origins, and information about your restaurant. The book will also contain information for readers on stocking their pantry, useful equipment, and basic how-to’s for “veganizing” some recipe staples. Infusing old world recipes with a new level of creativity for a changing audience, the recipes are unpretentious, accessible, and most importantly, delicious!