The Whiskey Rebellion and The Rebirth of Rye: A Pittsburgh Story

By Mark Meyer and Meredith Meyer Grelli

A short history of rye whiskey's founding, floundering, and current flourishing in Pittsburgh. The book takes reader on a fun tour of the Whiskey Rebellion, the role of Pittsburgh robber barons in developing the rye industry, and the rebirth of craft distillery in the twentieth century. Includes an illustrated guide to making rye whiskey and recipes.

Praise for The Whiskey Rebellion and the Rebirth of Rye:

"If you like a mix of elevating spirits and fractious politics—filtered through the glories of American free enterprise—The Whiskey Rebellion and the Rebirth of Rye goes down nice and smooth."  Pittsburgh Quarterly


Mark Meyer and Meredith Meyer Grelli are co-founders of Wigle Whiskey, a family owned and operated craft distillery based in Pittsburgh’s Strip District.

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