Detroit Neighborhood Guidebook

Edited by Aaron Foley


Part of Belt’s Neighborhood Guidebook Series, The Detroit Neighborhood Guidebook is an exploration of the Motor City’s hidden corners told by the people who live and work there.

It seems like everybody in Detroit thinks they know the city’s neighborhoods, but because there are so many, their characteristics often become muddled and the stories that define them are often lost. Edited by Aaron Foley, the author of How to Live in Detroit Without Being a Jackass, The Detroit Neighborhood Guidebook is a genuinely felt, wide-ranging collection that gives unique perspective on a city that many people think they have figured out. A homegrown portrait about the lesser-known parts of the city, it showcases the voices and people who make up:

  • Cass Corridor
  • West Village
  • Minock Park
  • Warrendale
  • Hamtramck
  • and almost every other spot in the city

With short essays and poems by Zoe Villegas, Drew Philip, Hakeem Weatherspoon, Marsha Music, Ian Thibodeau, and dozens of others.

Aaron Foley grew up in Detroit, which gives him more street cred than a lot of others. He has written about Detroit for several local and national publications including CNN, Jalopnik, and MLive. He is the author of How to Live in Detroit Without Being a Jackass. He lives in Detroit.

AUGUST 21, 2017 | ISBN: 978-0998904139 | US STATE AND LOCAL HISTORY | PAPERBACK | 6 x 9 | 152 PAGES

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