Community Cookbook Bundle

Read your way into the kitchen with Belt's Community Cookbook Bundle.

Order and you'll receive a copy of Martha Bayne's Soup & Bread Cookbook: Building Community One Pot at a Time AND Bonnie Tawse's The Belt Cookie Table Cookbook. Cookies and soup! Two great tastes that go great together, plus the stories that make these recipes sing. 

"Cookie tables may seem like retro relics these days, but Tawse’s book makes a compelling case for their continued relevance. ... During the pandemic especially, Americans may not be baking cookies for weddings, but they are rediscovering the joys of preparing food for their families and connecting to comforting traditions."—Kate Bernot, The Takeout

"A book like this makes me think that really I could live a lovely and fulfilling life and eat only soup."—Julia Kramer, Time Out Chicago


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