Week in review: New books from the printer, parachute journalists, yinz & youse

It's a cool and sunny day across the Rust Belt. As we gear up for another week, catch up on last week's news: 

  • "The Washington Post, which has 25 correspondents in 18 bureaus around the world, has no bureau in the Midwest." We love this comprehensive and thoughtful article from American Prospect on the perils of parachute journalism. Belt gets a shoutout, too. 
  • The Voices from the Rust Belt tour visited Cincinnati and Columbus this week. Dan Hurley interviewed Belt editor and founder Anne Trubek on WVXU's program "Cincinnati Edition." Dan and Anne talk about the new book, Studs Terkel, and why Cincinnati and Cleveland have nothing in common. Give a listen. 
  • By the way, have you seen this review of Voices in Shelf Awareness? Sara Catterall writes, "Oversimplified and whitewashed versions of the Rust Belt have too often been told by flyover journalists to serve preconceived political or cultural narratives. This collection is a welcome and humane antidote." 
  • "The classic Chicago accent is heard less often these days because the white working class is less numerous, and less influential, than it was in the 20th century." Ted McClelland, author of Belt's bestselling How to Speak Midwestern, writing for CityLab on why Pittsburgh and Chicago are losing their iconic accents

  • Speaking of Ted, copies of his new book just arrived from the printer! Preorder yours here

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