Voices From the Rust Belt

"Stop fantasizing about the “heartland” and its values and start listening to it instead. Here is the true voice of the America we like to imagine as the repository of national virtue. How different from what we expect, and yet how trenchant it is." --Thomas Frank,  Bestselling Author of What's the Matter with Kansas?

Publishing April 3! 

Edited by Belt Magazine and Belt Publishing founder Anne Trubek, Voices From the Rust Belt collects essays previously published in Belt Magazine and Belt city anthologies on Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Detroit, Flint, Youngstown, Buffalo,  and Akron

Read the early reviews: 

"A voice that is telling you something significant, something you really ought to know—and need to understand," -- Kirkus Reviews

"In the current political context of a Make America Great Again presidency this book, with its diverse, complex vision of the so-called Rust Belt, affords a crucial corrective to the simplistic, clichéd, backward-looking narrative of regional American history and of its values both past and present." --Stuart Dybek, author of The Coast of Chicago

“Timely . . . [the collection] paints intimate portraits of neglected places that are often used as political talking points. Booklist

“These essays go a long way toward expanding the narrative about the Rust Belt in that they refute stereotypes, explore a vastly varied series of experiences, and provide a valuable history lesson on industrialism.”Publishers Weekly

Preorder from your local bookseller here, and stay tuned for information about a book tour--Anne Trubek and contributors will be reading in Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Chicago, New York, Washington DC, Ann Arbor, Cincinnati, Columbus, Detroit, and Buffalo in April! 

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