Poor White In Atlas Obscura

Atlas Obscura coverage of Poor White by Sherwood Anderson, the first Belt Revivals release, a new series from Belt Publishing of reissued but mostly forgotten works from the past.

"Though the book doesn’t reify either the region’s rural roots or its industrial future, its portrayal of the Midwest still has the power to shape a reader’s ideas about the region ... Poor White’s thoughts on wealth and fortune might feel contemporary, but that alone wouldn’t be enough if a reader wasn’t compelled to find out what happened to Hugh McVey, 'born in a little hole of a town stuck on a mud bank on the western shore of the Mississippi River in the State of Missouri.' It’s a foreboding beginning for a story that pays careful attention to what it meant (and means) to live in the Midwest, open to both its charms and its challenges."

Read the complete piece here.



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