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Interview With Daniel Kay Hertz in Chicago Review of Books

January 14, 2019

Interview With Daniel Kay Hertz in Chicago Review of Books

Taylor Moore interviewed Daniel Kay Hertz about researching and writing The Battle of Lincoln Park: Urban Renewal and Gentrification in Chicago in Chicago Review of Books.

"I think the thing that the city can do is invest in neighborhoods outside of the zone of affluence—and not just the ones right outside of it. Often the city’s public and private institutions focus investment on the edges of the affluent areas and that just encourages the next wave of people to move out and perpetuate the process. Spreading that [investment] all over the city to ensure a basic level of public services and amenities in every neighborhood of the city—I don’t think that you would completely see that gentrification process disappear, but I have to think that it would be blunted if people didn’t see their choice of neighborhood as this high-stakes tradeoff between high prices with high amenities—or not." 

Read the entire piece here: How Chicago’s Wealthiest Neighborhoods Were Colonized