Happy publication day!

Today is the official publication day of What You Are Getting Wrong About Appalachia! There’s been lots of buzz today, so we’ve created a breakdown of all the new interviews and articles to help you catch up: 

  • "The Appalachia she presents is a complicated one, marked by the coal industry, yes, but also by passionate, sometimes violent local opposition to its practices. Appalachia isn’t monolithically white and it isn’t monolithically conservative. It may be Trump Country, but that’s because we all live in Trump Country." Sarah Jones for The New Republic.
  • "Catte's new book...is an attempt to push back against destructive myths about the region, its people, and its future." Erin Keane for Salon.com
  • "What You Are Getting Wrong About Appalachia is a brief, forceful, and necessary correction." Frank Guan for Bookforum
  • "...Above all, I am attracted to images of contentment and freedom, an emotion not often captured by strangers with their cameras who prefer us posed in dilapidated bars and trailers or staring dejectedly at the remnants of our discarded industry." Elizabeth Catte, writing for The Guardian

Order the book on sale now: 


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