Elizabeth Catte Profiled in Whurk Magazine

July 06, 2018

Elizabeth Catte Profiled in Whurk Magazine

Virginia's Whurk Magazine has posted a profile of the mighty Elizabeth Catte, and dives into the background of her book What You Are Getting Wrong About Appalachia.

“What I was interested in making more clear is that that superficial coverage has a history in the region, and it’s had some consequences,” Catte said. “The ideas of J.D. Vance and his ideas about Appalachia have a history as well, so I was really desperate for people to see that those ideas and those practices have a history—and to see the consequences of that history.”

For her, the highlight of the book’s release was her grandmother seeing it in a bookstore. However, in a time when it feels like atrocities occur on a daily basis, it’s hard to downplay the importance of a voice like hers offering stalwart support for those working for change. “It was just a small time thing that we did, and it turned out to be something that has been a breakout in some respects,” she said, adding, “I’m really humbled that people have connected to the book.”

The entire piece is available here.