Rust Belt Arcana Excerpt On The Center for Humans & Nature's City Creatures Blog

David Wilson Matt Stansberry Rust Belt Arcana

Rust Belt Arcana was featured on the Center for Humans & Nature's City Creatures Blog. This includes an intro by author Matt Stansberry along with an excerpt (Chapter 0 -- the first chapter) from the book.

"...outside of our personal network of scientists, park employees, and birders, we didn’t have a way to connect these species to a broader audience. So much nature and science writing preaches a gospel to the converted. 


So we set out to inject the field of conservation biology with myth and meaning, to help explain the idea that we live in a world made up of experiencing entities, from birds to rivers to trees. A lot of the best nature writing depicts the world in this way, without really acknowledging the magical thinking and co-creation required to describe it."

You can read the entire piece, including the Rust Belt Arcana excerpt here.


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