Anne Trubek In Lenny

March 14, 2018

Anne Trubek In Lenny

Belt Founder and publisher, Anne Trubek is profiled in the latest Lenny Letter (aka Lenny).

“I would keep reading these things and think, 'Why didn’t they call me? Or why didn’t they ask someone from Cleveland to write this?'” she says. Not that she would have presented the rosy view that so much of the writing of the time was calling for. “Cleveland boosters won’t ever admit there are any problems in this city. That drives me nuts. ‘We’re doing so great!’ I’m like, ‘Hey, have you looked at the actual Census figures lately? Have you noticed your houses aren’t worth any more [money]? Have you noticed that there are still no jobs?’”

“I’m in this,” she says. “I love book publishing. To be able to reach out to someone whose writing I really admire and say, ‘Hey, would you be interested in doing a book for us?’ and having them say yes — that is so cool. We’ve signed up people who could have gotten Big Five [publisher] book contracts. And they’re like, ‘No. I want to write for you.’”

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