55 Strong in the Times West Virginian

July 15, 2018

55 Strong in the Times West Virginian

Belt's latest offering, 55 Strong: Inside The West Virginia Teachers' Strike has been featured in the Times West Virginian.

“The success of the work stoppage had a lot to do with teachers elevating their voices and sharing their stories. Teachers in West Virginia did a brave and gutsy thing, and preserving and sharing their stories of organizing, of bravery, of standing up for education is not just important for us now, but is critical to preserving our history and identity as West Virginians.” -Jessica Salfia

“I’m not sure that I can adequately describe how it feels to memorialize this event in a book. I’m proud of every school employee in this state and I hope they also feel a sense of pride and ownership in this book. It is written about them and for them.” -Tega Toney

Read the entire piece here.