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Ryan Powers at SocialistWorker.org did a thorough review of 55 Strong: Inside The West Virginia Teachers' Strike. Quotes, opinions, snippets ... it's got it all!

"55 STRONG doesn’t just detail the accounts of those in the counties which led and inspired the others ones act. It also lets those who followed the leadership of other counties — and who, in the process, became leaders in their own right — tell their story...
"In short, 55 Strong is an excellent tool for understanding the first mass strike victory in the U.S. in years. There is much to be learned from it — much more than could be summarized in this article...
"Above all, though, this book shows what it meant on a human, psychological and emotional level for thousands of workers to stand 55 Strong — and it shows how others can follow their example to fight for and win a better world."

Read the entire review here.

55 Strong is available for purchase at beltpublishing.com, with an additional option of "paying it forward" by adding an additional book for a teacher. 55 Strong T-shirts also available.



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