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Our Endless and Proper Work: Starting (and Sticking to) Your Writing Practice


 Ron Hogan has been an industry analyst for a media website, a digital marketing director for a publishing house, a freelance book reviewer, and an acquiring editor for a startup book publisher. He is the founder of the literary site Beatrice, and creator of the "Destroy Your Safe and Happy Lives" newsletter.

Why I Love Belt
I'd been a big fan of Anne Trubek's "Notes from a Small Press," and when I saw that she was turning that newsletter into a book about the publishing industry for Belt, I reached out and told her what a great idea I thought that was, and would she be interested in doing the same thing with a newsletter for writers? I love indie houses like Belt, that are willing to take the seemingly marginal bets from which "Big Publishing" often shies away, and the whole crew has been fantastic to work with.

Recommended Titles
I'm still getting to know my fellow Belt authors' work, but one of the first things I picked up was Matt Stansberry and David Wilson's Rust Belt Arcana, which combines two of my interests—tarot and nature writing. I'm looking forward to Erin Keane's Runaway when it comes out, too!

Where to Find Me
Twitter (@RonHogan) and Facebook.
"Destroy Your Safe and Happy Lives" newsletter.

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